River Tour of the Ottawa River

NEW!!! River Boat Tours - History of the River and Hands on with Fish, Birds and Animal Life on the Upper Ottawa River. Deer, raccoons, otters, muskrats, and bears frequent the secluded meadows on the Quebec side of the river often in plain sight of boaters who race around mindlessly but if you travel slowly with an experienced guide you can see mulititudes of wild life.

Join Tom in his small boat (9 people max) to learn about the wonderful river at  the doorstep of his organic vegetable farm and AirBnB cottages.

You might want to plan your visit at AirBnB cottages to take in one of the tours that occur during midweek. Each tour will take about 6 hours. On the tours we will visit  special parts of the river that most people do not know exist and and stop to discuss facts, answer questions, take intimate photos of wildlife and plants and inbib interesting knowledge that Tom has learned over many years living on the shore of the mighty Ottawa. We will see the famously old Gar pike fish and  osprey raptor bird that plunges down to harvest them, turtles sunning themselves on logs, the Ancient Swamp, Tern Hatching Island and stop at the Wharf in Norway for treats before heading back to Tom’s river shore property for a toasting of marshmallows over the campfire.

Life jackets are supplied. Tom is a licensed ferry boat operator and has a Master Degree in Communication and travels widely each winter learning about our planet so you are sure of an information-packed adventure. Bring your bathing suit (or not) for secluded pristine sand beaches off the main channel.

Price is $55.00 per person if you are staying at one my AirBnb otherwise it is $75.00 per person and booked through AirBnB events. Children must be accompanied by an adult and only pay $35.00 for the outing if they are staying at our cottages with parents.


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We are located on a typical habitant farm in Pontiac County. Like the early French Canadiens we have  a long narrow property with riverfront, farmland and forest at the rear of the farm where our sugar forest is located. The farms were laid out this way so that everyone had access to water, which was the transportation of the times, farmland and a bushlot for firewood and also neighbors in case of a Mohawk Indian attack. The garden is located on two locations and the sugar bush is at the top of the property overlooking the Ottawa River and Valley. The river is the defining part of the property. Rich bottom land that has been carefully sustained over the years by enlightened management with an eye to future generations.
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ZeroBnB - A 3 season AirBnB that is combined with an organic gardening operation and a maple syrup operation. We host the world. Teach and feed the multitudes and preach too. Located on a 60 hectare working farm in West Quebec Canada. Wilderness close to amenities such as high speed Wifi, healthy air food and companionship.